Gone skiing!

I finally made time today to go skiing with the boys and we had a great time. This was my first time inside Ski Dubai and it exceeded my expectations. Only the lower 2/3 of the slope was open, but the upper slope is beyond my capabilities (black diamond). We spent about three hours on the slope using rented clothes and equipment and it’s clear that this is going to become a very popular attraction for tourists and residents alike. I highly recommend it. The snow was real, the ski lift is real, and it’s cold! The only things I missed compared to a real mountain was the length of the run, scenic beauty of being outdoors, and sunshine.

The Lower Slope:
Ski Dubai lower slope

Me standing at the Cafe St. Moritz at the top of the lower slope:
Jimmy at Cafe St. Moritz in Ski Dubai

View of the upper slope, opening in ten days:
Ski Dubai upper slope

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