I actually managed to sell

I actually managed to sell my G500 that was still in California while I was in Dubai. I used the Internet to advertise on various used car websites as well as place print classified ads in various SF Bay Area newspapers. I managed to find several interested people, and with the help of Dennis, show them the car and eventually sell it without having to physically be there. I was going to use a car dealer to sell it, but their terms seemed to change and they wanted a much larger commission than I was comfortable paying.
Having sold the G500, I have now purchased a new car in Dubai. The entire buying procedure was a little weird, and I won’t detail it here, but anyway I have a car now. Here are the details:
2004 Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG

  • Exterior: designo Silver Metallic
  • Interior: designo Silver and Anthracite leather two-tone
  • Trim: designo Poplar Anthracite wood
  • Options: Too many to list, more than I wanted

Here are some pics:

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