I am in Dubai now,

I am in Dubai now, enjoying the heat and humidity. It’s taken a while to get over my jet lag (11hrs), but I’m pretty much adjusted now.

In between the craziness of trying to get into the swing of things here, I’ve managed to find time to pick up the beginnings of my home theater. I bought a Sony VPL-HS10 projector which will be the primary display device. I am also getting MartinLogan speakers, but those will take a while to be delivered. I still need to decide which screen, amplifier, pre-processor, furniture I’m going to use.

The city is a giant construction zone. Emaar is busy completing the initial stages of Dubai Marina, Emirates Hills, and their many other projects. They will also soon break ground on the world’s tallest building. Other projects like the two Palm Islands are also in full swing. These will be the two largest man-made islands in the world each boasting over sixty kilometers (38 miles) of beach front in the shape of a palm tree. The first of the two islands is almost completely been raised out of the sea and construction on the homes and hotels will start later this year. The Palm is already attracting the interest of some celebrities. This island is just off the beach my parents house is close to, and you can see all the construction ships at night from their roof.

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