Bombay, the rains have started

I’m in Bombay (Mumbai) again this weekend. I have lost count, but I think this is my tenth or eleventh trip here in eight months. I’m well on my way to Emirates Skywards Gold, though I’m not sure what that will get me.

As far as the name of this city goes, for me it will always be Bombay. I was born in a city named Bombay and that’s what it will always be for me. Next they’ll decide to rename the capital after every Prime Minister. Mumbai was the name of the city before the British renamed it, but it was called many things in the past before Mumbai. The state government has money to waste on changing the name (it cost a FORTUNE), but clothing and feeding the people on the street isn’t as important.

There’s a cyclone off of India’s west coast causing some trouble. The hope is that it will travel west and dissipate when it reaches Oman. Otherwise NW India and Pakistan are in for a rough week.

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