Omar is leaving MacBU

Omar Shahine is leaving the Macintosh Business Unit to work on the Hotmail Frontdoor team.

Omar and I worked in MacBU for four years together. He contributed a little to almost every product MacBU shipped, plus a bunch of other Microsoft products which were developed outside MacBU…and even a few Apple products! We were also roommates for two and a half years. We got to fulfill our dreams very early in our careers, and then face the difficult task of asking ourselves “What next?”

Yahoo and Google are in for some tough competition from Hotmail, and Omar would have been my first choice to put in charge of giving them a run for their money. I still find myself having the urge to get out of my chair at work and walk down the hall to Omar’s office and chat, and I’m sure many people at MacBU will miss his passion and experience.

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